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Getting Started

ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. They have a sophisticated affiliate program that pays you automatically. It is very quick and easy to use, and best of all registration is FREE!


How do I get paid?
ClickBank pays by check on a weekly basis. Unlike other affiliate programs, ClickBank will not hold your funds until you have reached a certain limit. The minimum payout is $10 and as a result this will not affect you. After you have made your first referral you will receive your check on the next 2 week cycle.

Click here to create your FREE ClickBank affiliates account.


When will I get paid?
You are paid once every month. Unlike other affiliate programs, we will not hold your funds until you have reached a certain limit. The minimum payout is $10 and as a result this will not affect you. Once you’ve made your first sale, you will receive your commissions on the next payout.


What are the advantages?

  • ClickBank is FREE for affiliates
  • You're paid by check twice monthly
  • View your live online sales statistics
  • No Risk! ClickBank always pays you

ClickBank is a highly respected and well established payment merchant. ClickBank will handle the payment transaction and not us. This gives you greater peace of mind that you will always receive your commission checks!


What's my unique affiliate link?
Once you've opened an account with ClickBank, you’re all set. The next thing for you to do is to get your affiliate hoplink to start promoting our product.

You’re unique affiliate link will look like this:

Replace the YOURIDHERE with your unique ClickBank affiliate nickname and you're ready to start promoting!

Here are some ready-made links for you. Just replace "YOURIDHERE" with your unique ClickBank affiliate nickname (username).


Affiliate Tracking Link:
Google Conversion Tracking:
Overture Conversion Tracking:
Clickbank Custom Tracking:
Multiple Trackers Combined:

Every time someone clicks on your affiliate link they will be forwarded automatically to Mesmerize Him. If they decide to purchase then you will receive 75% of the profits. It's that simple!

ClickBank uses cookies to store your unique ClickBank affiliate username on the visitor’s computer, so even if they decided to bookmark the page and buy at a later date, you will still receive your commission!

How do I promote Mesmerize Him?

We have put together varied marketing tools for you to use to help you advertise our product. All marketing tools can be seen below.


Mesmerize Him banners 468 w X 60 h

WBL rectangles 120 w X 240 h


More banners will be added soon:

Banner Instructions:

1. Please select the banner or graphic you would like to use on your web site.

2. Right click and save the banner or graphic to your computer.

3. Upload the banner or graphic to your web sever.

4. Place the image on your web site in the location you would like it to appear.

5. Create a hyperlink on the banner/button using the following link code:

* Make sure to replace "YOURIDHERE" with your ClickBank Login name/Nickname so that you will receive a commission on any sales that come through your affiliate banner or graphic on your web site.

** In order to keep loading quickly and providing your potential customers with the best possible purchasing experience, please DO NOT link these image locations to your web pages when placing them on your web site. Only serve the images from a local location on your own web site.

More promotional materials coming soon.

For JV opportunities, including professional email copy, please email me